Admission to B.A. I

       The girl students are eligible for the admission in the B.A.-I who are passed the 12th Std Examination or any equivalent exam. The girls should  fill the printed admission form with the proper information and submit on or before the said date. Along with the admission form following documents should be attached.

  1. 12th pass/D Ed pass certificate and mark sheets.
  2. Admission fees.
  3. School / college learning certificate .
  4. Affidavit certificate.

Subjects offered to B.A. I

A) Compulsory subjects
1) English

B) Optional subjects
The subjects allowed by the Shivaji University is divided into four groups. The students should select subjects form this group. Expects this subject the students selected different subject the application form should not be accepted. Form each group minimum one subjects should be selected.Student should select total four optional subjects.

Optional Groups
Group (A)- Marathi/ Hindi
Group (B)-English/Psychology
Group (C)-History/Sociology
Group (D)-Geography /Economics

Admission to B.A. II

       Those students who have passed B.A part-I are eligible to seek admission in B.A part-II. According to the Shivaji University’s circular dated on 16/5/1997. The A.T.K.T.students are eligible to seek the admission in B.A-II such students should have cleared 4 paper out of  total 6 papers at B.A-I. They have to pass in these A.T.K.T subjects within 3 years.
To seek the admission in B.A-II following documents should submit along with the printed admission form.

  1. Marksheet of B.A-I
  2. T.C. of previous college.
  3. Admission fee etc.

Subjects offered to B.A. II

  1.  Compulsory subjects.

1) English
2) Inter disciplinary subjects
H.S.R.M / P.A
3) Environmental studies.

B)  Optional subjects.
Choose any two subjects out of four selected subject at B.A-I students should have to give two papers each of selected papers. Select one I.D.S. suitable to selected optional subjects. Student should not take two languages as the optional subjects. Student should select IDS to their optional subject out of the following.


Optional subjects

Interdisciplinary subjects



History of social reform in Maharashtra



Public Administration



Public Administration



History of social reform in Maharashtra



Public Administration



History of social reform in Maharashtra



Public Administration



History of social reform in Maharashtra



Public Administration



Public Administration



Public Administration


Admission to B.A. III

       College has the facility of 5 special subjects i.e. Marathi, Hindi, English, Sociology and History. The B.A II passed and A.T.K.T. students are eligible to seek the admission to B A III.

Compulsory  Subject
- English
Special Subjects  
- Marathi
- Hindi
- English
- Sociology
- Histor

 Students should select one subject as special subject from the B.A-II’s optional subjects. They have to give special subject’s five papers.