Department of Geography

          The Department of Geography was established in 1989. The subject Geography is taught as an optional subject to B.A.I and B.A.II. The department also includes the subject Environmental Studies which is prescribed as compulsory subject for B.A.II. Through this subject, field work and projects are undertaken.

          The department has one faculty Assistant Professor Asha Budharam Madavi. She has 10 year experience of teaching. Faculty of the department is engaged in research in diverse subject areas. She has completed one Minor Research project of UGC entitled "Land Utilization, Cropping Pattern, Crops Combination and Their Ranking in Wainganga Basin". She has published 4 research papers in peer reviewed International research journals, 3 research papers in peer reviewed national research journals.


Mrs.Madavi A.B.( M.A. NET ) Head


  1. To give knowledge of different branches of Geography as-Human Geography, Oceanography, Climatology, Geomorphology, Agriculture Geography etc. to the student.
  2. To create understanding among the students regarding various Geographical phenomena and concepts.
  3. To create awareness among the students regarding proper use, reuse of Natural and Human resources and thereby to enable them to solve day to day environmental problems.
  4. To develop overall personality of the students.


  1. Celebration of Geography Day
  2. Weather Department Visit
  3. Field Survey
  4. Project Report Writing
  5. Survey of Environmental Problem at local area.