Department of History

       The Department of History was established in June 1991 and since then it has achieved remarkable progress in the field of strength and result. The subject History is taught at B.A. I and B.A. II at optional level and at B.A. III special level.
            The Department of History has great tradition of resourceful head. The first Head of the Dept. was Prin. D. D Thorat N. R.Suryawaishe.D.S.Thorat Then A.T Bhandare, , were an eminent heads of the Department. Prin.D. D Thorat has Written many history text book. They are eminent writers of history. Department has organised One day National Level Seminar with the assistance of UGC on ‘ Quit India Movement in Western Maharashtra’ on 17th Oct.2013.  Our Department has organized great speeches by eminent Historians and political leader like Dr. N D. Patil, Ravi Pawar, Prin.R.D. Gaikwad, Prin. Dr. T.S. Patil  , Dr.A. R.Patil, Dr. A. R. Bhosale,  Govind Pansare, Sambhajirao Patane, Dr.Baburao Gurav, etc.


Dr. Patil A. J. (Head of Department), Mr. Tambe M. G.            At present the Department has 36 hours grantable workload .Two posts are sanctioned posts .The result of the  Department  in the year-2014/15 is 100% The present faculty are:

            1.  Shri. Dr. A. J. Patil . (M. A., Ph.D)
Experience- UG.25thYears, PG 15 Years, He has worked as Subject Expert and resource person on various committees and seminar, and Workshops.
            2.  Shri. M. G. Tambe .M. A. :


We train students to understand the forces which have shaped our world, to address current problems based on historical thinking, and to communicate effectively.


To promote local historical research and to prepare the students for their career and life.

Departmental Activities:-

  • The department has organized one days State level conference on 17thoct. 2013-“Quit   India Movement in Western Maharashtra”
  • The Department celebrated 9th August Kranti Din.
  • The Department celebrated teachers day on 5thSeptember 2013.
  • The Department celebrated Shivajayanti Mahotsav on 19th February 2014.
  • The Department organised a special guest lecture under the programme of MPSC.

Student Cantered Activities

  • Seminars
  • Group Discussion
  • Project Work
  • Book Review
  • Counselling
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Parents Teacher Meet
  • Study Tours,
  • MPSC Guidance
  • We inspire our students